Happy New Year 2020 – Out with the old and in With the New

  • Happy New Year 2020 – Out with the old and in With the New

    Happy New Year 2020 – Out with the old and in With the New

    And what a year 2019 has been. I must say I am glad it is gone. So So much has happened in the last year and in this industry as 2019 saw the closure of over 641 trucking and transportation companies for many reasons from the downturn in this industry to mismanaged companies to others who did not plan for slow times or did not have a backup plan. The GM strike certainly did not help anything either. Another factor that certainly has a direct effect has been the tariff wars between the US and China, The US and Canada as well the US and Mexico. That’s just a few of the things that have affected the transportation industry. Of course, there are many other things that have changed this industry but that’s neither here or there. 2019 is gone and nothing will change that.

    2020 is here for the next year and so we must move forward and continue to build our relationships and partnerships with our customers, fleet owners, and drivers. With the dawn of 2020 is the birth of our new website Custom Logistics Trucking. A brand new look and a secure website with 256 encryption that allows customers to get a quick quote on getting a shipment moved as well as Fleet owner and drivers area that streamlines the online application process. Both the customer and driver area will feature a resource area as well as a FAQ area to help everyone get all the information they need to be informed and keep things moving smoothly. Business doesn’t stop and neither do we.

    As I enjoy a hot cup of coffee on this New Years Morning of 2020 I keep the faith that this year will be better than last year for all. Maybe this year we will see the world’s hunger problem solved or even a cure for cancer. We can only hope for things like that but without a doubt, we here at Custom Services will be here to work closely with all of you so that all of us can be successful in all that we do throughout this new year that has begun.


    May each one of you have a great and prosperous year and Happy New Year to you and your family.

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