Driver FAQ

Driver FAQ

FAQ for drivers, fleet owners and owner operators

We are currently accepting Dock High Box trucks and Semi Trucks. We require a minimum of 22 feet of space

Yes we do for a nominal fee. Quick Pay 48 hours or 7 days are available.

Yes, each and every truck is required to track especially while on a load. We use Sylectus Mobile for this. It is a very easy to use app and does not require a lot of space or resources on your smartphone. Failure to track can result in lower pay and less load offers. Our customers need to know where each and every shipment is from the time it is picked up until it is delivered

We perform random drug testing as required by the DOT and the guidelines and regulations of the FMCSA

Each and every driver is required to undergo a background check in order to ensure the safety, security and that integrity of the company are not put at risk. Our customers need to know that their shipment is safe with us.

We understand that sometimes people make mistakes and if you do have something o your background we will discuss this with you, Having made a mistake in the past is not something we believe you should pay for the rest of your life. Depending on what we find if anything will not keep you from driving with us. Talk to a recruiter if you have any further questions.

We require $1,000,000 General Liability as well as $100,000 Cargo Insurance. We also require a Certificate of Insurance with Custom Services LLC listed as a holder.

We recommend that you have:

(1) For Your Shipment:
6 or More Blankets
6 or More Straps
E-Track on the sides and the floor
2 or More Load Bars
Pallet Jack if your truck has a lifgate.

(2) For Safety:
PPE Equipments that Includes:
Hard Hat
Safety Glasses
Boots (Steel Toe)
Safety Vest
Ear Plugs

(3) Each Truck should also have Emergency Items Such as:
Wheel Chocks
Fire Extinguisher

Yes all drivers both CDL and Non-CDL are required to have a current up to date MED card as required by FMCSA.

Every single shipment should be strapped down securely using straps and/or load bars. Failure to strap a load down can result in damage to shipment which in turn can be charged against your insurance as well as a rate reduction and possible termination. Please let us know if you need help learning how to secure any load you may have.

Company drivers and usually most fleet drivers are paid a percentage of each load depending on your contract with the fleet owner you driver for. If you drive for a fleet owner then please talk to your fleet owner and make sure you understand the pay. All Owner Operators are paid a flat rate per mile dependant on your contract with us.

When we dispatch you on a load we try to pay you the deadhead miles involved in going to pick up a load. Sometimes this is not possible. Each load is different. Please check with Dispatch or Operation if you have any questions or concerns.

If you are in a bad area we may at our discretion pay you a flat fee to relocate to a different area.